3 Oct 2013

Benefits of Trash Removal [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to researchers, 4.43 pounds of garbage is discarded by North Americans every day. Moreover, the total solid waste that is produced in the country is equal to the weight of over 247000 space shuttles, 5,600 Nimitz
28 Aug 2013

How Greenhouses Became Popular Over the Years

A greenhouse is also known as a glasshouse. It is usually made from glass, aluminium, plastic or even a combination of any of these ‘roofing’ materials. These structures come in different sizes from small shacks to industrial-sized
17 Jul 2013

5 Unique Ways to Ensure You’re Living in a Green Home

If you want to make sure that your homes carbon footprint is as small as possible, it doesn’t mean having to resort to a simple and primitive existence in which you forgo electricity and get off the
11 Jul 2013

6 Unusual Green Gadgets for the Office

1. LED Light Bulbs Forget about incandescent light bulbs and forget even about the typical CFL (fluorescent) bulbs that get pushed as a “green” alternative to the classical light bulb. If you really want to see massive
20 May 2013

Can You Switch to an Electric Car for a Greener Lifestyle?

For many people aspiring to go green, their car is a source of worry. It’s a big pollutant but for most of us, it’s a necessary evil – public transportation does not always fulfil your needs, and
9 Mar 2013

6 Smart Ways to Go Green in 2013

You have probably heard the same eco-friendly tips and advice over and over again. Reduce waste production. Install energy-saving bulbs. Plant trees. All of these are good stuff, and you have probably tried all of them. You
19 Feb 2013

3 Reasons why we need more Solar Powered Alarm Systems

There’s no denying of the benefits of solar power. It’s more affordable and offers a cleaner source of energy—and it’s more readily available than the usual energy we get from power plants. The only downside to solar
1 Feb 2013

The Benefits of Going Green – Why You Should Do It

Caring for the planet is not a difficult thing to do. In fact, these things are just simple things yet they can be of huge impact to the world. “Going green” has been practiced all around the
7 Jan 2013

7 Ways to Save Money by Going Green

Conserving energy, inhabiting going green or being green, doesn’t mean living a basic lifestyle or a radical environmentalist. In general living green means just a matter of common sense. You can save your money by taking the
5 Dec 2012

The Impact Of EV and Solar Charging Stations On Our Health

This is a great infographic on solar charging stations which I have recently received from Dorian Travers. Solar awareness is growing and more people are getting into buying green.Without any doubt, we know that electric vehicles will